Why Choose SRJ

Features & Benefits Provided by SRJ

If an author is thinking about having their next manuscript published by SRJ, they should look at the following features and benefits that SRJ Publications offers to their valued Authors/Researchers:

Free Publication Certificates: SRJ also gives each author a free soft copy of their publication certificate.


Simple Paper Submission and Review Process: SRJ’s paper submission and review process is very easy, so authors can focus on their research instead of having to deal with a complicated paper submission process.

Distinct Editorial Board: Highly qualified International and National board of associate editors, advisory panel, and reviewers all doing their best to improve the scope of the research work.


Open Worldwide Access: Open Access publication with the free of cost and the same strong support for authors. Most people around the world will read and cite articles that are available to everyone.


Review Process: Once a manuscript is sent, the review process takes no more than 5–7 days, thanks to a strong Reviewer Panel.

Indexing: Our journal is listed in the Google Scholar, Europeana Libraries, and many other national and international libraries. This helps all of the papers published in our journals get more attention and citations.


Process of Publishing: SRJ has a very easy and quick process for publishing. As soon as the accepted paper is registered, it is uploaded to the current issue of the journal.


High Visibility: SRJ are indexed in many libraries around the world and online and are easy to find. This makes them more likely to be read, researched, and cited.


Copy Editing: SRJ offers the highest level of copy and content editing to make sure articles are great and meet the highest academic standards. Unlike many other publishers, we don’t reject based on how something looks at first. Instead, we look at how well the research was done.


Journal Scope: Our journal cover a wide range of topics, which brings in the most readers and gives authors a lot of options for what to write about.

Sudarshan Research Journal (SRJ) is a Multidisciplinary and Multilingual Peer-Reviewed Research Journal and open access journal. We help to enhance your research work and publish your papers in our journal.

Aim and Services

Research and technical papers that are original and of high quality are accepted. After registration, and peer review process, the paper will be published in the current issue. With a digital certificate, authors can get their full papers at any time.

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