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Sudarshan Research Journal (SRJ) is a leading International journal for publishing new ideas. The main goal of the editors is to keep the high quality of publications about theoretical developments and practical applications. Original research papers, state-of-the-art reviews, and high-quality technical notes are welcome for publication. Authors should know that only original, never-before-published manuscripts will be considered. To make the review process more fair and objective, the authors' names will be taken off the articles that are sent for review. From time to time, the Journal will publish review articles and special issues on a specific topic. Authors are encouraged to get in touch with the Editors if they want to submit a review article or put out a special issue of the Journal. When a manuscript is sent , it is taken as a statement that no part of the manuscript is owned by another publication or is being reviewed by another formal publication. Before sending the manuscript to SRJ, it is the author's job to make sure that they have permission to use any copyrighted materials in the manuscript.

SRJ is one of the best journal in India. SRJ India publishes in digital media to meet the needs of authors and academics at all levels and the scholarly community as a whole. We make sure that every title meets our high professional standards, from copyediting to layout, production, and the use of new technologies. We also make sure that our articles are perfectly panned and distributed in online databases to reach our main audience: students, teachers, research scholars, authors, writers, libraries, bookstores, global web portals, and electronic national and international databases. We are committed to publishing high-quality research articles that are focused on the whole world and with the most access possible all over the world. On request, we publish original research articles, review articles, short notes, and conference proceedings. We also check books, magazines, and articles for the best quality. The articles in our journal are easy to find online from anywhere in the world.

Sudarshan Research Journal (SRJ) is a Multidisciplinary and Multilingual Peer-Reviewed Research Journal and open access journal. We help to enhance your research work and publish your papers in our journal.

Aim and Services

Research and technical papers that are original and of high quality are accepted. After registration, and peer review process, the paper will be published in the current issue. With a digital certificate, authors can get their full papers at any time.

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