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The SRJ team is happy to have smart academics join us as reviewers. Being a reviewer is a personal accomplishment and a point of pride. SRJ follows a strict set of rules when deciding whether or not to let someone become a reviewer. Here is a list of the minimum requirements to be a reviewer for SRJ:

Should have a Ph.D. from a well-known university.


Applicants pursuing a Ph.D. with at least five years of teaching and research development experience.


Master’s degree and at least 10 years of experience teaching and developing research.


Should have written a paper that was published by IEEE or Springer.

The Editor-in-Chief can receive updated CVs from those who are qualified by mail at:

Sudarshan Research Journal (SRJ) is a Multidisciplinary and Multilingual Peer-Reviewed Research Journal and open access journal. We help to enhance your research work and publish your papers in our journal.

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Research and technical papers that are original and of high quality are accepted. After registration, and peer review process, the paper will be published in the current issue. With a digital certificate, authors can get their full papers at any time.

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