Publication Ethics

Author Guidelines for Journal/Conference Manuscripts Writing and Submission

SRJ follows strict ethical policies for Editor, Associate Editors, Editorial Board Members, and Reviewers, Authors. The paper submitted for publication should have minimum plagiarism not more than 10%, otherwise the paper will be rejected.

Detailed tasks of the Editor/Associate Editor

  1. When the Editor or Associate Editor gets a manuscript, it is their job to look at it for the first time to see if it is relevant and has good content. After giving the manuscript a number, it could either be rejected right away or sent to reviewers for feedback.
  2. The review reports of comments help the Editor decide if the article under consideration is appropriate or not. This will be in terms of whether to accept or reject the article.
  3. The reviewer and the authors don’t know each other, so the review is called “blind.”
  4. The Editor will always keep the manuscript’s details secret.
  5. Usually, the editor sends the manuscript to a qualified reviewer, who looks at its intellectual content and makes comments.

Author(s) spelt-out duties

  1. The Author(s) must promise that this work has not been published elsewhere or submitted to another publisher. If SRJ Publishing Journal declines to publish an article, the author is free to submit it to another publication.
  2. The Author(s) must provide assurance that the work is original and that permission to publish the paper has been granted by the Author(s)’ institutional connections. I confirm that all authors whose names appear in the manuscript agreed to have their names included and to have their names presented in the order given.
  3. When reporting experimental results, authors should offer any additional information that would be needed to establish credibility.
  4. Authors have a responsibility to ensure their works are original and free of plagiarized content.

Editorial Board Member’s/Reviewer’s spelt-out duties

  1. Reviewer must maintain strict confidentiality regarding the manuscript at all times.
  2. For the betterment of the manuscript, the reviewer may recommend further studies that are relevant to the topic at hand.
  3. Every information utilised in the manuscript must be properly cited by the reviewer. So, the Reviewer should notify the Editor if he or she finds similarities between the work being reviewed and another work the Reviewer has read.
  4. Reviewers are expected to provide a succinct summary of the study’s significance, the manuscript’s strengths and shortcomings, and an assessment of the paper’s overall quality in a professional manner.

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Aim and Services

Research and technical papers that are original and of high quality are accepted. After registration, and peer review process, the paper will be published in the current issue. With a digital certificate, authors can get their full papers at any time.

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